Rates and Policies

Alendie Rates

$140.00 A night
$60 One Time Cleaning Fee


Our dear friends, the following are our polices for booking and staying at The Alendie and The Alendie 2.0. Though we do not anticipate or expect any problems during your booking or stay with us, they serve as a protection for both parties. The Alendie is located in the basement of our home with its own private entrance. The Alendie 2.0 is located in the village of Walden on the second floor of a duplex.  We welcome you as our beloved guests, and we want you to feel right at home at either of our locations.

Terms and Conditions
By placing a booking at The Alendie, the lead guest and the booking party agree to the following terms and conditions as set-out. To place a booking, the lead guest must be at least 21 years of age. The maximum number of guest is 5 for The Alendie and 6 for The Alendie 2.0 The person making the booking may be held responsible for cancellation, non-arrival and damages as set-out within. Only the lead guest and the named booking party are allowed to use the property and its facilities, any third party visitors may be allowed access to the premises but only with expressed permission from the owner.

Cancellation & Non-Arrival Conditions
Cancellations made 15 days or more in advance of arrival date = Full refund
Cancellation made 14 days of arrival date = 50% refund
Cancellation made 48 hours or less of arrival date = No refund
Non-arrival guests for any reason= No refund
If there is a last minute cancellation for weather related reasons, owner reserves the right to decide on whether or not to refund and the amount.

Damages & Lost Property
We reserve the right to charge the lead guest for any damages caused through the course of booking by any member of the booking party. This includes breakages, spillages, stains, damage to furniture or fixtures and decorations. Obviously, there is no smoking allowed anywhere on the premises. Any accidental damages should be reported as soon as possible in order to minimize damage and associated costs. Any lost property, if discovered and found, left behind by guests during a stay will be held for a period of 2 weeks. While we will make our best efforts to reunite lost propery with their owners we accept no responsibility in replacing lost items and encourage guests to ensure they have all their belongings before checking- out. We may offer to deliver found items left behind at the cost of the property owner, otherwise collection can be arranged.

We do NOT allow pets.  There is a friendly dog at The Alendie, please let us know if you have a fear of dogs so that we can have them put away during your stay.

Designated on-site parking is provided and guests accept that they park their vehicles at their own risk.

WiFi Appropriate Usage Policy
WiFi Internet access will be provided at The Alendie. Guests accept to use this access to the Internet appropriately. Access to illegal activity or illicit material will not be tolerated.

Our Right to Cancellation
We reserve the right to cancel any booking with immediate effect without compensation, refund or reimbursement if guest are causing a disturbance / nuisance to neighbors or the owners or if the terms of these conditions are breached.

Alendie 2.0 Rates

$140.00 A night
$70 One Time Cleaning Fee